Win 2 sets of The Breath Company oral care products

The Breath Company  sweepstakes

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The Breath Company was founded in the UK by internationally acclaimed Dentist and Bacteriologist Dr Harold Katz, based on the worldwide success of his California Breath Clinics and Therabreath range in the USA.

Dr. Katz discovered that bad breath is caused by a group of sulphur producing bacteria, which live & multiply within the tongue’s surface and throat. He developed The Breath Company range of natural premium oral care products using a patented oxygenating process to eliminate over 98% of the volatile sulphur compounds that cause bad breath, rather than masking the odour.

The Breath Company’s fresh breath formula is the result of over 10 years of medical and dental research. It is recognised by dentists & clinicians as the most effective long-term solution for the prevention of bad breath available without prescription and has been used by over 6 million people in 98 different countries.

We are giving two winners the following products:
The Breath Company Mouth Wetting Lozenges – perfect for an oral freshen up and a quick breath pick me up before puckering up.
The Breath Company Oral Rinse – fights bad breath, works instantly and lasts for over 12 hours.
The Breath Company – Fresh Breath Fluoride Toothpaste – helps prevent cavities and gum disease, freshens breath and improves dry mouth.