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Here is your chance to win a £50 Sainsbury’s voucher, so you can try a2 Milk for free this November

Milk is good for you, but for millions of people across the UK it is a source of discomfort. Maybe you feel bloated and uncomfortable after breakfast or get indigestion after a cup of tea?
Well not any more – a2 milk is 100% natural, fresh cows’ milk which you may find easier to digest than regular milk.

Common cow’s milk contains the a1 protein which can be the source of discomfort; it acts differently to milk produced with only the a2 protein.
a2 Milk is available in all major supermarkets and has just launched in Sainsbury’s stores, so go and pick up a bottle.

You can read more about The a2 Milk Company at and join the thousands of people who enjoy the benefits of a2 Milk every day.