Win a copy of WWE Payback 2015

WWE Payback 2015 DVD sweepstakes

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To celebrate the release of Payback 2015 – available on DVD and Blu-ray from July 13th – we are giving away the battle between former friends and the bitterest of enemies on DVD to five winners!

It’s been a year since one of WWE’s greatest ever factions, The Shield, was destroyed at the hand of its architect, Seth Rollins. Now, Rollins is the WWE Champion and his grievances with former teammates Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose have never fully put to rest. And what better way for Reigns and Ambrose to get their payback than to have a shot at his coveted title?

Throw ‘The Viper’ Randy Orton into the mix and you have one of the hottest matches of the year, packed with hard-hitting action and tons of fan-pleasing moments!

Payback 2015 is available to pre-order on DVD and blu-ray today from: