Win a Samsung digital tablet with Canned Food UK!

Samsung digital tablet with Canned Food UK sweepstakes

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Canned Food UK is offering one lucky Win Something user the opportunity to win a fantastic Samsung digital tablet. Not only can you surf the web with it, you can also visit the Canned Food UK website and cooking channel with access to lots of free Canned Food UK recipes, which are nutritious, affordable and taste great!

This month we want to celebrate one of the most popular members of the canned food family…fish! Not only is canned fish ideal for busy lifestyles as it requires no preparation and is ready to eat straight from the can, but did you know it is also a source of Vitamin D? NHS guidance has found that one in five Britons is actually Vitamin D deficient, so it’s important to get your intake.

Why not try Canned Food UK’s exotic Seafood Paella recipe, which uses canned mackerel and mussels, for the simple way to cook an impressive fish supper? It’s easy to make and tastes great, plus the canned vegetables also count towards your recommended 5-A-DAY intake. What’s more, the canning process seals in the nutrients of the fish, giving it a longer shelf life than frozen or fresh alternatives.

With your new Samsung digital tablet, you can keep all of your recipes in one place and cook alongside celebrity chef James Martin on the Canned Food UK cooking channel. Not only will it provide you with some culinary inspiration, it’s great if you’d like a little bit of guidance when cooking your meals.