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Budding armchair detectives will now get the chance to put their sleuthing skills to the test as one of Britain’s most popular TV crime dramas Midsomer Murders gets its very own edition of CLUEDO. It’s out now on Amazon, and to celebrate we have 2 copies of the game up for grabs.

The body of wealthy business woman Elizabeth Jones has been found in Badger’s Drift and the police suspect foul play. According to the rumour mill, Elizabeth had big plans for the village and had been spotted with property developers. Could someone from the village have the motive to stop her in her tracks? Can you help the Causton CID solve this baffling crime, by seeking out who did it? Where they did it? And with what weapon?

The game follows the familiar CLUEDO format and features key cast and characters from the show including DCI John Barnaby, Sarah Barnaby and Sykes the dog.

Was it Inspector Barnaby’s wife, Sarah Barnaby, with the revolver in the Post Office at Fletcher’s Cross? Was it one of the brand new characters, with the lead pipe at Aspern Town Church? Or was it Sykes, Inspector Barnaby’s loyal pet and CLUEDO’s first canine suspect? Now it’s time for you to find the killer…