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From the makers of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and best-selling author Jo Nesbø comes the new Nordic sensation, political suspense thriller Occupied (Okkupert). Currently screening on Sky Arts as its top rated programme, this 10-part action-packed hit drama arrives on Blu-ray and DVD on 21 March 2016 courtesy of Dazzler Media. To celebrate we have 3 copies of the DVD to giveaway.

Set in the not so distant future where climate change has brought Europe to the brink of war, Henrik Mestad (Lilyhammer) stars as environmentally friendly prime minister Jasper Berg. He has convinced his voters that the best way to tackle climate change is to halt all oil production in Norway, sending the country and the rest of the world into crisis.

Unable to ignore calls from the rest of the world to intervene, Russia stages a ‘silk-glove’ invasion – to secure the oil for the rest of the world. They have every intention of retreating once this has been accomplished but it’s not long before events unfold that threaten to change everything.