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Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain’s (Fresh Meat, Four Lions) multi award-winning comedy Peep Show is back for its ninth and final series.

to celebrate we are giving a copy of series 9 on DVD to three winners.

David Mitchell and Robert Webb are heading back to Croydon to tackle the ever more complicated and chaotic lives of Mark and Jez as they fumble their way through their friendship.

Last time we saw Mark and Jeremy they were abandoned and mildly electrocuted in a field, spurned by Dobby’s rejection of their declarations of love in favour of a new life in New York… it looked as though it could be the end of the El Dude Brothers.

Now approaching 40, with emotional scars still smarting and an impending wedding on the horizon, it seems that things might take an interesting turn for the pair.

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Peep Show – Complete Boxset (Series One-Nine) is also available from December 26th. Pre-order here