Win Speedlink PC Accessories for your family

Speedlink PC Accessories  sweepstakes

Sorry, this competition is no longer available.

We’ve teamed up with SPEEDLINK, the PC Accessories specialist and have a fantastic selection of products to help keep your family happy.

All these products are designed to maximise gameplay whilst including the latest ergonomic design.

Enter the competition for your chance to win these SPEEDLINK products:

1 x The DECUS Gaming mouse helps you maintain your focus and precision even in extended battles with its huge array of customisation options. Thanks to its integrated lighting system, the DECUS bursts with colours that match the gaming atmosphere – becoming not just a visual highlight but also serving as a profile indicator. What’s more, its rubberised side grips, extra-grippy scroll wheel and extended finger indents offer maximum comfort.

1 x PARTHICA Gaming Keyboard which offers gamers all the customisation options they could wish for. Its impressive configuration software lets you customise the PARTHICA Gaming Keyboard to suit the way you game.
1 x MEDUSA STREET XE headset– perfect for use with your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Utilise all forms of modern communication, plus have your favourite tunes with you wherever you go – and enjoy all this in incredible comfort thanks to the headset.

1 x ATECS XXL prepares you for great gaming experiences. Being rolled up quickly the ATECS is easy to transport and additionally serves as a pad for your keyboard and gaming gear.

So if you think your teenagers would love to get their hands on these Award winning PC Gaming Peripherals enter the competition.