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ITV Studios Global Entertainment is proud to announce Tripped is now available to on DVD and Digital – RRP £17.99

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Synopsis Tripped: Blake Harrison (The Inbetweeners) stars as Danny, an average 24-year-old who has been friends with stoner Milo (George Webster) since they were kids. But life seems to be pulling them apart. While Danny decides it’s time to grow up, and is on the verge of marrying long-term girlfriend Kate (BAFTA winner Georgina Campbell), Milo continues to focus on getting high. One day they suddenly find themselves transported to a parallel universe where they quickly discover they are being hunted by assassins and must fight for their lives. While Danny is desperate to get back to Kate, Milo is having the time of his life as the pair embark on a series of crazy and comic adventures travelling from one universe to another hoping the next one is the one they call home. Will Danny and Milo’s friendship survive their adventure in the multiverse, and will Danny manage to return to his reality in time to get married to his original Kate?