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War Pigs Blu-ray sweepstakes

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Action heroes Dolph Lundgren and Mickey Rourke star in new WWII Action thriller WAR PIGS, available to download now and out to own on DVD and Blu-ray from September 14th.

We have ten copies of this essential addition to any war film collection to give away on Blu-ray!

World War 2 Army Captain Jack Wosick (played by Luke Goss) has been dismissed in disgrace, but when he’s challenged to lead a rag-tag team of misfits on a top secret mission he has the chance to redeem himself. The unit, known as the War Pigs, must venture behind enemy lines to secure Nazi developed Super Weapon the V3 – a massive artillery canon that would provide an insurmountable advantage against the allies and must be seized at all costs.

Stakes are high and chances of success are slim but the team have the backing of an experienced Captain and battle hardened Colonel. WW1 veteran Jack, determined to succeed at whatever cost, must lead and earn the respect of his new squad to form a high functioning unit and defeat the enemy…